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manual: Remove bogus "Control interface" sub-section in overview
We meanwhile have chapters about the CTRL interface protocol as well as the auto-generated list of CTRL interface commands/values, so let's remove the somewhat redundant information. Change-Id: I062d7eec3b3fc53c31726be3b3a407a2dd3b8b56
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@@ -150,25 +150,3 @@ codec frames are passed through transparently. In order to achieve this
with E1 based BTS, OsmoBSC contains a E1 sub-channel de- and
re-multiplexer as well as a TRAU mapper that can map uplink to downlink
frames and vice versa.
-=== Control interface
-The actual protocol is described in <<common-control-if>> section. Here we
-describe variables specific to OsmoBSC.
-.Variables available over control interface
-|msc_connection_status|RO|Yes|"connected", "disconnected"|Indicate the status of connection to MSC.
-|bts_connection_status|RO|Yes|"connected", "disconnected"|Indicate the status of connection to BTS.
-|location|RW|Yes|"<unixtime>,(invalid\|fix2d\|fix3d),<lat>,<lon>,<height>"|Set/Get location data.
-|timezone|RW|No|"<hours>,<mins>,<dst>", "off"|-19 <= hours <= 19, mins in {0, 15, 30, 45}, and 0 <= dst <= 2
-Some comments.
-FIXME: commands defined in src/ctrl/control_if.c? Nodes? Traps?