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GTP1 functionality and documentation update
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+2003-10-22: Jens Jakobsen <jj@openggsn.org>
+ Support for GTP1. Currently without support for the secondary pdp
+ context activation procedure.
+ sgsnemu will first attempt to use GTP1. If that fails it will
+ proceed with GTP0.
+ Various gtplib API changes to allow support for GTP1.
+ gtplib now listens to 3 separate UDP ports: GTP0, GTP1 control
+ plane and GTP1 user plane. A socket for each port has to be
+ included in the application select loop.
+ gtplib now verifies that messages are valid for the particular
+ type of support node. As an example a received Create PDP Context
+ Request message is not allowed for an SGSN.
+ Standards compliance document.
2003-07-07: Jens Jakobsen <jj@openggsn.org>
Added spec.in file for building binary RPM packages. Now openggsn
will install binaries, man pages as well as scripts.