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Version 0.60 and updated README, NEWS and Changelog
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+2003-07-07: Jens Jakobsen <jj@openggsn.org>
+ Added spec.in file for building binary RPM packages. Now openggsn
+ will install binaries, man pages as well as scripts.
+ Added ggsn and sgsnemu man pages
+ Added ggsn Sys V init script
+ Added bootstrap script for autotools automation
2003-04-11: Jens Jakobsen <jj@openggsn.org>
Added -ggdb to gtp, sgsnemu and ggsn makefiles in order to include
debugging information.
- Added ippool.c and ippool.h to ggsn. This allow for generic
+ Added ippool.c and ippool.h to ggsn. This allows for generic
allocation of dynamic ip addresses based on a <net>/<mask>
description of ip address space. The same files are also used in
sgsnemu, but only for hashing IP addresses. At the same time the