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+2003-01-29: Jens Jakobsen <jj@openggsn.org>
+ Added -L../gtp to sgsnemu and ggsn makefiles so that make will
+ work without an installed libgtp.
+ Added sgsnemu check to check for valid pointer when deleting tun.
+ Removed enabling of ip_forward = 1 from ggsn.c and sgsnemu. From a
+ security point of view it was not very good that openggsn
+ automatically enabled routing.
+ Added ipup, ipdown and createif to sgsnemu/cmdline.ggo. Now
+ sgsnemu will set up default route and then execute ipup script
+ after tun device has been set up. After tun has been deleted the
+ ipdown script is executed.
+ Added support for ping to sgsnemu.
+ Added ipup and ipdown to ggsn/cmdline.ggo.