path: root/wireshark/0001-abis_oml.patch
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2011-09-19Fix bogus message labelling in wireshark OML dissectorPablo Neira1-1/+3
While submitting the A-bis OML wireshark dissector I noticed one bug in it that results in bogus message labeling.
2011-09-06update wireshark patches to current wireshark svnHarald Welte1-28/+37
2011-03-24wireshark abis_oml: remove dead code and update copyright statementHarald Welte1-52/+11
2011-03-06wireshark: gsm-abis-oml: convert C99 structure initialization to ANSI CPablo Neira Ayuso1-188/+188
This patch applies to the wireshark/0001-abis_oml.patch. This patch converts the C99 structure initialization which is not accepted by the wireshark developers (Harald told me that they need it to compile with non-gcc compilers which don't always support C99). I have tested it here with four pcap files that Harald passed to me.
2011-01-11wireshark: rebase the patches, rename and add a READMEHolger Hans Peter Freyther1-0/+2492
Add a short README mentioning the svn version they apply to, how to rebase them in the future, and what they do. The renaming is done to add a hint on in which order to apply them. The abis_oml patch has been updated to some value_string changes in epan, all patches now add the new files to the CMakeLists.txt of epan as well.