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2016-10-28sndcp: Fixups for sndcp layer based on coverity-scan suggestionsPhilipp1-0/+2
- missing break in gprs_sndcp_pcomp.c, line 143 - string overflow in slhc_test.c, line 211 - sizeof mismatch in gprs_sndcp_xid.c, line 1369 and 1378 - mismatching signedness in gprs_sndcp_xid.c, line 1377 - needless < 0 comparison in gprs_sndcp_xid.c, line 477 - needless < 0 comparison in gprs_sndcp_xid.c, line 209 - missing returncode check in v42bis_test.c, line 320 - wrong pointer dereferentialization in gprs_sndcp_comp.c, line 73 Change-Id: I4f9adf251f5119e67ffe76baad6f1f996ac8dbad
2016-09-27SLHC: Improving slhc (RFC1144) testcasePhilipp2-56/+130
- Adding Testcases for UNCOMPRESSED_TCP and TYPE_IP - Minor cosmetic changes Change-Id: I555fa3c9b9f78424102f359ef1c27b290fa9c9e9
2016-09-24RFC1144: integration and unit-testPhilipp3-0/+365
The previously pushed slhc implementation has been modified to compile and function outside of the kernel. Also debug log messages were added and datatypes ware matched. The implementation is now ready to be used Change-Id: I7a638e88a43b3eb9d006751a03ef2570e36613f0