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Move timezone settings up to network level
Time zone used to be configurable per-BTS. In the upcoming MSC-split, no BTS structures will be available on the MSC level. To simplify, drop the ability to manage several time zones in a core network and place the time zone config on the network VTY level, i.e. in gsm_network. If we are going to re-add fine grained time zone settings, it should probably be tied to the LAC. Adjust time zone VTY config code (to be moved to libcommon-cs in subsequent commit). Adjust time zone Ctrl Interface code. Change-Id: I69848887d92990f3d6f969be80f6ef91f6bdbbe8
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@@ -651,7 +651,6 @@ class TestVTYBSC(TestVTYGenericBSC):
self.vty.verify("configure terminal", [''])
self.vty.verify("network", [''])
- self.vty.verify("bts 0", [''])
# Test invalid input
self.vty.verify("timezone", ['% Command incomplete.'])