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sgsn: Add functions to handle APN contexts
This commit adds the exported functions apn_ctx_find_alloc, apn_ctx_free, apn_ctx_by_name, and apn_ctx_match to manage and retrieve APN to GGSN mappings. The following VTY commands are added to 'config-sgsn': - apn APN ggsn <0-255> - apn APN imsi-prefix PREFIX ggsn <0-255> which maps an APN gateway string to an SGSN id. The SGSN must be configured in advance. When matching an APN string, entries with a leading '*' are used for suffix matching, otherwise an exact match is done. When a prefix is given, it is matched against the IMSI. If several entries match, a longer matching IMSI prefix has precedence. If there are several matching entries with the same PREFIX, the entry with longest matching APN is returned. Ticket: OW#1334 Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf
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- sgsn_alloc_ptmsi
- Repeated Attach Request
- Repeated RA Update Request
+Testing APN matching