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Support Deactivate PDP Context Request from network
Enable Deactivate PDP context based on the IMSI of the subscriber. When there are PDP contexts present for a MM context, PDP context will be deactivated along with GMM Detach(MM context deletion). If there are no PDP present, MM context will be deleted to avoid further PDP context request from the MS. Test cases is added to check this functionality. Change-Id: Ia0a41aa2218ec2fda4ea17a37c8cc55cba63dd13
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- RA Update Request (RA 2 -> RA 2)
Testing APN matching
Testing GGSN selection
+Testing pdp deactivation
+Testing Pdp deactivation for MS with pdp ctx
+Testing Pdp deactivation for MS without MM ctx
+Testing Pdp deactivation for MS with only MM ctx