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tests: Introduce running tests with GNU autotest in OpenBSC
The quality of the tests is of different value but it is good to get started and improve from here.
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+Testing BSS Filtering.
+Going to test item: 0
+Going to test item: 1
+Going to test item: 2
+Going to test item: 3
+Going to test item: 4
+Going to test item: 5
+Going to test item: 6
+Going to test item: 7
+Going to test item: 8
+Going to test item: 9
+Going to test item: 10
+Going to test item: 11
+Going to test item: 12
+Testing connection tracking.
+Testing paging by lac.
+Testing MGCP.
+Testing finding of a BSC Connection
+Testing rewriting MGCP messages.
+Testing MGCP response parsing.
+Testing execution completed.