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dyn PDCH: add do_pdch_defrag() in new pdch_defrag.[hc]
Will be used in the subsequent commit. Original patch by jolly (1c8a3d828612a6bea343a268072a7dddf4a22480), with extensive review and changes by nhofmeyr: * remove code dup: common find_lchan() replaces find_shared_forward() and find_shared_reverse() and simplifies invocation. * use LOGTSP() instead of debug_bts_trx_ts(), tweak debug logging (missing \n, in-code line breaking). * reword comment for do_pdch_defrag(). * remove code dup: calculate move direction by maths instead of 4 conditionals, and have only a single debug log for "does not lower fragmentation". * add two FIXME comments. Change-Id: Idcaf7ac40cbaf83593946cfe24a6a18a6a688fd5 Patch-by: Andreas Eversberg <> Tweaked-by: Neels Hofmeyr <>
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