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authorHarald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>2009-07-23 21:13:03 +0200
committerHarald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>2009-07-23 21:13:03 +0200
commit39e2eadc99c38876c39700cc2f8fa2a2973c1fdd (patch)
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centralize the code that needs to deal with transaction_id
There were many places in the code where we had to explicitly reference the transaction_id and put it into a packet. By introducing and optional gsm_trans parameter to gsm48_sendmsg(), we can implement this code once rather than dozens of time.
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/openbsc/include/openbsc/gsm_04_08.h b/openbsc/include/openbsc/gsm_04_08.h
index 2fe23d1fc..2ed95f326 100644
--- a/openbsc/include/openbsc/gsm_04_08.h
+++ b/openbsc/include/openbsc/gsm_04_08.h
@@ -646,6 +646,7 @@ struct msgb;
struct gsm_bts;
struct gsm_subscriber;
struct gsm_network;
+struct gsm_trans;
/* config options controlling the behaviour of the lower leves */
void gsm0408_allow_everyone(int allow);
@@ -659,7 +660,7 @@ enum gsm_chreq_reason_t get_reason_by_chreq(struct gsm_bts *bts, u_int8_t ra);
int gsm48_tx_mm_info(struct gsm_lchan *lchan);
struct msgb *gsm48_msgb_alloc(void);
-int gsm48_sendmsg(struct msgb *msg);
+int gsm48_sendmsg(struct msgb *msg, struct gsm_trans *trans);
int generate_mid_from_tmsi(u_int8_t *buf, u_int32_t tmsi);
int gsm48_send_rr_release(struct gsm_lchan *lchan);