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authorJacob Erlbeck <>2014-03-17 12:30:56 +0100
committerJacob Erlbeck <>2014-06-05 14:00:41 +0200
commit845d0054b45dff5f5606b38dcacd9bf06a605f07 (patch)
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parenta0d64ce063fbf60733c6f2949015091aa33a2c9d (diff)
mgcp: Add audio info fields to struct mgcp_rtp_end
This patch adds the fields channels, subtype_name, and audio_name to the struct. The field audio_name contains the full string that has been used for the last part of a SDP a=rtpmap line. The others contain decoded parts of that string. If no a=rtpmap line has been given (e.g. because dynamic payload types are not used), values are assigned when the payload type matches one of the predefined ones (GSM, G729, PCMA). The patch also moves the audio_name parsing code to a dedicated set_audio_info() function. Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/openbsc/include/openbsc/mgcp_internal.h b/openbsc/include/openbsc/mgcp_internal.h
index d2818139e..dbdc1d9d9 100644
--- a/openbsc/include/openbsc/mgcp_internal.h
+++ b/openbsc/include/openbsc/mgcp_internal.h
@@ -80,11 +80,14 @@ struct mgcp_rtp_end {
/* per endpoint data */
int payload_type;
uint32_t rate;
+ int channels;
uint32_t frame_duration_num;
uint32_t frame_duration_den;
int frames_per_packet;
uint32_t packet_duration_ms;
char *fmtp_extra;
+ char *audio_name;
+ char *subtype_name;
int output_enabled;
/* RTP patching */