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+== Control interface
+The actual protocol is described in <<common-control-if>>, the variables
+common to all programs using it are described in <<ctrl_common_vars>>. The
+variables shared with OsmoBSC are described in corresponding section of
+OsmoBSC documentation.Here we describe variables specific to OsmoNITB.
+.Variables available over control interface
+|subscriber-modify-v1|WO|No|"<imsi>,<msisdn>,<alg>,<ki>"|See <<sub1>> for details.
+|subscriber-delete-v1|WO|No|"<imsi>"|See <<subdel>> for details.
+|subscriber-list-active-v1|RO|No||Return list of active subscribers.
+=== subscriber-modify-v1
+Modify (or add if missing) subscriber entry with the give IMSI, MSISDN, Ki and
+algorithm (valid values are "none", "xor" and "comp128v1"). The subscriber is
+automatically marked as authorized.
+=== subscriber-delete-v1
+Delete the subscriber with the given IMSI. Returns "Removed active subscriber"
+or "Removed" depending on the subscriber's use status.
+The following variables are only available over control interface of
+osmo-bsc_nat program.
+.Variables available over control interface of osmo-bsc_nat
+|net.0.bsc.N.*|RW|Yes|Arbitrary variable|Forward given command to BSC N control interface.
+|net.0.bsc_cfg.N.access-list-name|RW|No|"<name>"|Set/Get ACL for a given BSC N.
+||WO|No|Ignored|Remove ACL for a given BSC N.
+|net.0.add.allow.access-list.A|WO|No|"<regexp>"|See <<nacl>> for details.
+||WO|No|Ignored|Save current running config into file.
+|net.0.bsc.N.notification-rejection-v1|NA|Yes|"imsi=<imis>"|See <<narej>> for details.
+=== allow.access-list
+Add given regular expression for matching IMSI(s) to allowed access list A.
+=== notification-rejection-v1
+This TRAP event notifies all connected clients about IMSI which was rejected by
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