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bssgp: Handle BSSGP STATUS messages
Currently incoming BSSGP STATUS messages are just logged and no other action is taken. This makes it impossible for higher layers to react to failures which are indicated by corresponding STATUS messages unless a timeout is triggered as a result of that failure later on. This commit adds a bssgp_rx_status() function and calls it on incoming STATUS messages. That function logs a message, increments the new BSSGP_CTR_STATUS counter if the bctx context exists and invokes an NM_STATUS status indication. The latter will allow the application to handle failures immediately. Since all STATUS messages should be handled, the function is already called in bssgp_rcvmsg and the message is no longer handled in (and will not reach) bssgp_rx_sign and bssgp_rx_ptp. Ticket: OW#1414 Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf
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