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lapdm: Allow SABM L=0 in Timer Recovery StateHEADmaster
3GPP TS 44.006 8.6.3 "Procedures for re-establishment" is quite explicit: """ When the data link layer receives in the multiple frame established state or !!!timer recovery state!!! a DL-ESTABLISH- REQUEST primitive from layer 3 or an SABM (with L=0), the normal establishment procedure of sub-clause shall be initiated. """ If L>0 in that state, send a DM as stated in """ If the data link layer entity is unable to enter the multiple-frame-established state, it shall respond to the SABM command with a DM response with the F bit set to the same binary value as the P bit in the received SABM command. """ Related: OS#4549 Related: OS#4819 Change-Id: I7959dc39f883cd5c56c36a21176a2401838d7b62
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