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authorJacob Erlbeck <jerlbeck@sysmocom.de>2015-11-27 13:26:19 +0100
committerHolger Hans Peter Freyther <holger@moiji-mobile.com>2016-01-15 18:11:58 +0100
commitff42b26520a7421a6c6c9c9cd4b88aed00453b01 (patch)
parent0a053ec50657ea2060a1c4b8a8e811c5027ada7d (diff)
msgb: Assert len >= 0 in msgb_trim
Currently msgb_trim only checks for len > data_len and returns -1 in that case, allowing the caller to fix it somehow. Using a negative length will always lead to a corrupt msgb, but this is not being checked. This commit adds a check for len < 0 and a conditional call to MSGB_ABORT. Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/include/osmocom/core/msgb.h b/include/osmocom/core/msgb.h
index 9c99cadf..b057caa0 100644
--- a/include/osmocom/core/msgb.h
+++ b/include/osmocom/core/msgb.h
@@ -373,6 +373,8 @@ static inline void msgb_reserve(struct msgb *msg, int len)
static inline int msgb_trim(struct msgb *msg, int len)
+ if (len < 0)
+ MSGB_ABORT(msg, "Negative length is not allowed\n");
if (len > msg->data_len)
return -1;