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ipa: Change ipa_msg_recv() to support partial receive
Currently ipa_msg_recv() fails, when messages are received partially. This patch provides a new function ipa_msg_recv_buffered() that uses an additional ** to a message buffer to store partial data. When this happens, -EAGAIN is returned. If NULL is used, the function behaves similar to ipa_msg_recv() and fails on partial read. In addition in case of errors the return value is now always -EXXX and the contents of errno is undefined. Note that this feature needs support by the calling code insofar that *tmp_msg must be set to NULL initially and it must be freed and set to NULL manually when the socket is closed. Note also that ipa_msg_recv() is then a wrapper around ipa_msg_recv_buffered() which mimics the old error behaviour by setting errno explicitely to -rc and returning -1 when an error has happened. Ticket: OW#728 Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf
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