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-This directory contains programs based on gr-gsm. Currently two are available:
-- airprobe_rtlsdr.py
-- airprobe_file.py
+This directory contains programs based on gr-gsm:
+-grgsm_decode (old name: airprobe_decode.py) - program for decoding C0 channel which is most close in terms of functionality to the old gsm-receiver from Airprobe project with ability to decode signalling channels and traffic channels with speech (analysis of the data can be performed in Wireshark, decoded sound is stored to an audio file),
-- airprobe_usrp can be used but it will need to be customized in the gnuradio-companion for given configuration (for example address of the USRP will need to be changed).
+-grgsm_livemon (old name: airprobe_rtlsdr.py) - interactive monitor of a single C0 channel with analysis performed by Wireshark (command to run wireshark: sudo wireshark -k -f udp -Y gsmtap -i lo),
+-grgsm_scanner (old name: airprobe_rtlsdr_scanner.py) - an application that scans GSM bands and prints information about base transceiver stations transmitting in the area,
+There are following helper programs for grgsm_decode program:
+-grgsm_capture (old name: airprobe_rtlsdr_capture.py) - program for capturing GSM signal to a file that can be later processed by grgsm_decode,
+-grgsm_channelize (old name: gsm_channelize.py) - splits wideband capture file into multiple files - each contain single GSM channel.