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Add "rtp-efr" format support for RTP payload according to RFC3551 4.5.9
The RTP EFR payload is a bit like the FR payload: one nibble magic marker, then followed by the actual codec bits. So we need to add/remove that magic marker and shift the remainder by one nibble.
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COM_SOURCES = procqueue.c pq_file.c pq_format.c pq_codec.c pq_rtp.c pq_alsa.c \
formats.c fmt_amr.c fmt_gsm.c fmt_hr_ref.c fmt_racal.c \
- fmt_amr_opencore.c fmt_rtp_amr.c fmt_rawpcm.c fmt_ti.c benchmark.c \
+ fmt_amr_opencore.c fmt_rtp_amr.c fmt_rtp_efr.c fmt_rawpcm.c fmt_ti.c benchmark.c \
codecs.c codec_pcm.c codec_hr.c codec_fr.c codec_efr.c codec_amr.c
bin_PROGRAMS = gapk