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@@ -37,12 +37,12 @@ An excellent book on ASN.1 is written by Olivier Dubuisson:
After installing the compiler (see [INSTALL](INSTALL)), you may use
the asn1c command to compile the ASN.1 specification:
-> asn1c <module.asn1> # Compile module
+ asn1c <module.asn1> # Compile module
If several specifications contain interdependencies, all of them must be
specified at the same time:
-> asn1c <module1.asn1> <module2.asn1> ... # Compile interdependent modules
+ asn1c <module1.asn1> <module2.asn1> ... # Compile interdependent modules
The asn1c source tarball contains the [examples/](examples/) directory
with several ASN.1 modules and a [script](examples/crfc2asn1.pl)
@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ Refer to the [examples/README](examples/README) file in that directory.
To compile the X.509 PKI module:
-> ./asn1c/asn1c -P ./examples/rfc3280-*.asn1 # Compile-n-print
+ ./asn1c/asn1c -P ./examples/rfc3280-*.asn1 # Compile-n-print
In this example, the **-P** option is to print the compiled text on the
standard output. The default behavior is that asn1c compiler creates
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ to dump out the parsed (and fixed) ASN.1 specification as it was
whether a particular syntactic construction is properly supported
by the compiler.
-> asn1c -EF <module-to-test.asn1> # Check semantic validity
+ asn1c -EF <module-to-test.asn1> # Check semantic validity
# Model of operation