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authorLev Walkin <vlm@lionet.info>2004-10-21 12:21:54 +0000
committerLev Walkin <vlm@lionet.info>2004-10-21 12:21:54 +0000
commita35f3ba47ac23ab31c0d2b6de0968dc0fc2e63c6 (patch)
treea6456642231b05d59bca18d260788c042920a38b /asn1c/unber.c
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diff --git a/asn1c/unber.c b/asn1c/unber.c
index ecd2a1b0..90468b43 100644
--- a/asn1c/unber.c
+++ b/asn1c/unber.c
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
#include <ber_tlv_length.c>
#include <RELATIVE-OID.c>
-#include <ber_codec_prim.c>
+#include <asn_codecs_prim.c>
static void usage(const char *av0); /* Print the Usage screen and exit */
static int process(const char *fname); /* Perform the BER decoding */
@@ -693,4 +693,8 @@ decode_tlv_from_string(const char *datastring) {
* Dummy functions.
asn_dec_rval_t ber_check_tags(asn_codec_ctx_t *opt_codec_ctx, asn_TYPE_descriptor_t *td, asn_struct_ctx_t *opt_ctx, void *ptr, size_t size, int tag_mode, int last_tag_form, ber_tlv_len_t *last_length, int *opt_tlv_form) { asn_dec_rval_t rv; (void)opt_codec_ctx; (void)td; (void)opt_ctx; (void)ptr; (void)size; (void)tag_mode; (void)last_tag_form; (void)last_length; (void)opt_tlv_form; return rv; }
ssize_t der_write_tags(asn_TYPE_descriptor_t *td, size_t slen, int tag_mode, int last_tag_form, ber_tlv_tag_t tag, asn_app_consume_bytes_f *cb, void *app_key) { (void)td; (void)slen; (void)tag_mode; (void)last_tag_form; (void)tag; (void)cb; (void)app_key; return -1; }
+asn_dec_rval_t xer_decode_general(asn_codec_ctx_t *opt_codec_ctx, asn_struct_ctx_t *ctx, void *struct_key, const char *xml_tag, void *buf_ptr, size_t size, int (*otd)(void *struct_key, void *chunk_buf, size_t chunk_size), ssize_t (*br)(void *struct_key, void *chunk_buf, size_t chunk_size, int have_more)) { asn_dec_rval_t rv; (void)opt_codec_ctx; (void)ctx; (void)struct_key; (void)xml_tag; (void)buf_ptr; (void)size; (void)otd; (void)br; return rv; }